About Us

It's simple, as we said WE LOVE BIKES… it's true we do! And we want to share that love with you, on your visit to Carlingford.

Down through the family generations we have used bikes for our modus operendi, it all started with a Lipton's tea delivery boy over 50 years ago. It then moved on to a couple of spins on a tandem in the sun and even better again (As two grew to more) the sea shores of Galway on a quad! We have a few stories….and some pictures to prove it.

Yeah sure we’ve had a few spills, but we’ve always got back on the saddle. We know that there are hours of endless fun to be had whether you want to explore the peninsulas stunning beaches and sites with your kids for a picnic, or simply head off with a bunch of friends for a giggle.

There are so many beautiful things to see in the Carlingford and Mourne area that we thought we would test your pedal to the metal! Besides it's a pretty useful way of getting around. We look forward to seeing you soon, call or email us to make your booking!

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