Our Bikes

We're Living in a chain reaction! It never gets easier, you just go faster.

Our mission is simple, we offer only the best Bikes to let you live the two wheeled life! We rent Men & Women's Trek Mountain Bikes, Adams tag alongs, and of course we couldn't forget the kiddies, we have light kids bikes for you all to explore to your hearts content!

We are spoiled in Carlingford, you are never too far away from away from an stunning beach with spectacular views to surround you. It’s all about invigorating the senses and having fun! We’re not shy about giving you some good advice on how to navigate the local country lanes with some fun spots to head to for a picnic (And trust us there are plenty!).

With each booking you get as standard a bike, a lock, a safety helmet and a map. Find out a little more and give us a call so we can help with your holiday plans or even better click here to book your bikes now!

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